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Originally Posted by Powaup View Post
Just curious, I plan doing a 12 day trip, how much do you recommend I budget for plane/food/hotel/gas/Nurburing ? I am thinking about ~$2,500.

There was a great thread on the topic of ED budgeting but I can not find it anymore unfortunately.
Air travel

Your plane ticket is likely going to be $1000 - $1500. summer travel gets expensive. remember luggage weight limits are very low now and they are very picky on this in germany so watch out on buying too many nurburgring toasters. its 100€/$140 if you are even a little over.


Even a cheap meal is 10€. 12x10x1.4=$170. water is more expensive than beer. if you are in munich just stick to beer. anyways count on a water budget or beverage budget too. up to you. to be safe i would double or triple your meal budget.


Expensive compared to USA. Its about $8.00/gallon. you need to get at least 98 Octane. this is equivalent to 93 in USA. One tank of fuel is probably $120. depends how much you drive but for your length of stay and it being an M3 that you probably want to drive quite a bit lets say $600.


Depends how cheap you want, count on at least 70€ per night. During summer season its likely going to be higher. lets call it $120 per night. $1440.


Dependent on what you want to do. you can buy a few laps. each lap is 27€. there is a slight discount if you buy 4 laps or more. remember your fuel budget will be highly variable depending on how hard you drive. The E90 M3 at full tilt would use between 1/8th and 1/4 tank of fuel in one lap.
By the way the biggest expense is if something happens to you while driving the track. keep in mind the company that manages it is broke and they will gladly take every euro you have. they will charge you for raking the gravel if you drive onto it. if you hit an armco you just bought it... and i mean if you aren't bleeding much then you are headed right to their office where they tally up your bill which can easily reach into the thousands. Of course be careful when on this track but remember shit happens. you could drive like miss daisy and hit an oil patch left by a $500 shitbox and end up part of the scenery in a flash. better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.


Power Plug adapters - not cheap if you buy them in airport or best buy. best to order those on amazon. If you have some with a grounded plug then i suggest buying a grounded adapter plug. just safer that way. I have a bunch from living there. would be glad to share them if we are all going together. remember to check all your electronics you plan on taking with you and making sure they take 240V. All apple products are fine. most cameras and pc's are as well.

Toilette - you gotta pay for everything in europe. includes the restroom. on the road its about $1.00 per visit. Adds up.

Tolls - if you stay in germany this isn't a problem. plan on visiting Austria, Switzerland, France, or Italy then account for paying tolls. varies by country. If you drive from Munich to Pisa (Tuscany) tolls will be about $80 one-way.

Speeding - Speeding Cameras...Bright red flash while you are driving along. can't miss it. Germany and EU as a whole is getting more and more flamboiant with these things and at the rate they are going I wouldn't count on being able to hide back in the US if you want to drive in europe again. fines depend on your speed. if you stay under 20km/h over the limit its likely not big deal. 20-30€. don't speed in towns. speed limit in city limits (indicated by yellow city sign when you enter and same sign with a slash through it when you exit) is 50kph. huge fines if you speed in towns. there are cops with radar and its increasingly more used. those involve an on the spot fine. carry plenty of cash with you. construction areas on the autobahn are also great speed traps.

Parking - Unless you are staying at a local gasthaus (which i always prefer) then you also have to pay for parking.

Internet - Generally its free at the cheaper places now. More expensive hotels charge for everything including internet. Dorint/Lindner at the ring is 8€ for 24 hours. adds up.

Cell/Data - Prepaid you can get at electronic stores or gas stations or airports. about double the cost of equivalent US service. also count on pretty much zero 4g unless you are in major city. at the nurburgring unless you have t-mobile lucky if you get a signal.
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