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Originally Posted by RKR View Post
I'm back again with this infuriating noise. It's been around since the summer but I've been drowning it out with music.

Fitted the winter tyres and it's noticeably louder. I'll need to get a video for a comparison but does nobody else have this same knocking from the passenger side rear? It drives me insane. Its a very loud clunk as soon as the rear goes over some uneven ground. Even makes the noise when the car travels over manhole covers that are flush with the tarmac. Incredibly strange

When the noise came back after a couple months BMW UK told me that after time the suspension just makes this noise after it's run in. Complete BS as the car was doing it from new and also they would never have replaced the complete rear suspension unit if they knew it would be making the noise again.

This is what they told the original dealer I purchased the car from. They are simply stating that the car is deemed roadworthy and therefore the noise shouldn't matter
5E121942 – complaint of knocking noise – rear shockers replaced to confirm that this was the source of the operational noise. Repairing retailer have side by side tested another with same mileage, model and suspension spec and the same noise generated.
They never fixed mine so I rejected it