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Originally Posted by ///M/// View Post
Couple of questions.

- Is is necessary to change the yellow bump stop in the rear. Looking at it, it’s hardly an6 different from the OEM one and if the difference is marginal, it saves a ton of time by not having to remove the shocks in the rear.

- what is a spindle separator socket? Can’t you just use a screwdriver to spread the bracket while you pull the front shocks out?

1. Honestly - probably not. A lot of spring kits dont even come with a replacement rear bump stop. I did replace it anyways since i had it. It added about 5-10 mins/per side so not a huge deal, especially since you dont have to compress a spring to take apart the shock. Additionally, orientation of the top hat to shock doesnt matter during reassembly since it spins freely from each other (versus other setups where you have to line it up top hat/shock as best as you can)

2. Yes, you can use a screwdriver, albeit a little more effort and some potential cussing getting the spindle to separate. The spindle separator i used is linked below. For $16, it was well worth it since my other car also has a spindle setup in the front, and in the event i do this install for other members. The socket just makes it a bit more effortless: insert, rotate, remove strut (may require a tap with a mallet). Socket stays inside spindle when its expanded and you just give it another twist to remove after the strut is reinstalled.

Strut Separator:

and also, for those who need it:

Schwaben 18mm front strut nut socket: (this is a must have)