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Need Chrysler Town & Country transmission help

We have a Chrysler Town & Country for travels with the kids. When it was approaching 100k miles, I had some regular maintenance done at the dealer and had some final warranty work done. While there they suggested to change the transmission fluid, and we agreed. We picked up the van, and my wife drove it for the day and then parked it in the garage. When I got up in the morning the front of the van was in a red puddle. The seal on the transmission pan didn't work. They towed it and fixed it.

Now, they never told me how much leaked out and what a day of driving with a decent leak would do to the van. Fast forward four months, and we are having hard shifting on the van. I took it in, and they said we need a new transmission. The transmission cooler as the transmission pump has low pressure and the fluid seems a bit burnt. I realize this is an eight year old vehicle with 104k miles on it.

So my question is, are these two issues related? Or at least could they be related? The dealer of course says no and that there is no relationship. I don't know enough about it and want some opinions to know if I should follow up on this issue with the dealer. Thank you in advance for your help.