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Originally Posted by OverDriven View Post
Rebadging the M4 to M3 after you buy one makes no sense. If you really care about the name that much then you're a BMW fan for the wrong reason. Personally, I'm a fan because of the cars, not the name.
You can also be a fan of the heritage.

The M3 has been an iconic car for the past few decades and is the benchmark performance car in which all cars must match up against. I would want this heritage, this M3 badge, on the back of my car. Symbolizing the fact that it is a car to be revered. You can be a fan of the performance and the name; there's nothing saying you have to pick one.

If I do get an M4, I'll likely de-badge instead of re-badging it. To each his own I say. It's your car, if you feel like running around with an M3 badge on an M4 - by all means. It'll stir up confusion amongst people looking at it but who cares! It's your car, do what you feel is right
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