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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
on paper i love the Mustangs. they are so fuking fast. and if i were to get one it would be a top dog GT500. it would sound sweet and smoke anything with a M badge, specially if they can get the thing to handle.
I would take a the Boss 302 myself, but that is just me. I am not a FI guy. Just like I would rather have a GT3 over a Turbo.

Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
but when i go sit in they feel unbelievably cheap. give the feeling of all motor type of car. plus mustangs overpopulate the road with base models.

i feel M cars or 911s hold a level of class, performance, luxury and looks that mustangs can never touch. i just cannot bring my self to buy a mustang. i would buy a vette before stang
I agree I would much rather have a C7 Vette, actually near the top of my next car list.

But you have to remember the GT will start around $30k. Ford is offering ridiculous performance at that price tag. Only so much they can do with the interior.