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Just for giggles, I'm someone looking at a replacement for my 5.0 v8 e39 m5. I like the size of this car, but I'm looking for something I can joyfully track 2-3x a year and drive it from the track on a 500 mile road trip. 15,000 miles a year on total. I have 2 other vehicles, so while 4 doors is nice it's not a necessity.

I am totally willing to cross-shop another RWD, 6-speed manual, 400+ hp ~3600 pound vehicle against the m3. I don't require a german badge on my car to think it's an excellent performer, or that it's interior is nice enough for me.

Also, while I won't cross shop a $65k m3 with a $100k 911, I WILL cross-shop a $65k m3 with a similar performing $35k car.