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Originally Posted by Velon View Post
I have actually never driven a BMW with "fake" sound so my F80 will be the first. If it works out, why not. But I will miss the sound of the Boxer engine of my Porsche. That sound is as close to God I can get really. No need for amplifier there.
A few things:

1) I have always been one of those that wants "just a little bit more" than the stock sound since this is always a compromise both for EU drive by laws as well as the less hooligan-like owners out there and added a Supersprint system to my E36 M3 (AWESOME sound) and a SpeedArt system to my 2010 Boxtser S (like you said, a truly heavenly, spine-tingling sound!).

2) I actually LOVE the sound of my M135i (with M Performance Exhaust) when I am on throttle - impossible to tell that any of the noise generated is artificial and it actually sounds even BETTER than my 321hp E36 M3 with Supersprint. The engine note brings a HUGE smile to my face every time I gun it. That said, it is too quiet below 4000rpm and definitely needs windows open for full effect.

3) As I said, i don't mind the use of artificial methods to enhance the sound in a regular series BMW or even in a "lesser-M" like my M135 M Performance, but definitely have the expectation that a full on M-car by BMW, high end 911s, or anything by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, or even AMG can manage to create a car with an engine note that it exciting and intoxicating without any artificial sweeteners. To me, it feels like an example of BMW corporate rather than BMW engineers calling the shots...
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