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The driver's side cooler before I started adjusting the slotted bolts. It's still not great on clearance, and I hate the $0.50 excuse of a mount that they shipped with this kit, but hopefully I won't have to mess with it anymore. Did I mention how disappointed I was with this bracket?

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Belly pan in place. No wheel wells liners yet, I want to be able to look at the oil coolers and check for leaks/movement for now. If I manage to rip a line off the car then I probably hit something big enough to also destroy the intercooler

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Testing the look of no OEM foglight shroud vs OEM shroud on the passenger side. Going to leave that up to my dad, who will taking delivery of this car in a few weeks. I kind of like without the shroud, just need to trim and clean up the bumper a little.

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All buttoned up. A small stack of parts and ~30 hours all to keep an OEM power N54 from overheating on a track when thrashed 8/10ths for 45 minutes. Nothing I hate more than needing to do cooldown laps, I want to be able to rip 8/10ths from full tank until fuel starve with maybe a lap here or there to let the front tires cool down a little.

I was pretty surprised at how reasonable most of the parts were to upgrade all of the cooling systems. I think I'll regret not replacing the rear differential with an E92M3 diff, or aftermarket LSD, but this isn't a race car and it isn't for me so

Need to clean up a few things like the fender liners + reinstall the headlight sprayer cover + make a decision on the foglight shroud, but everything replaced is working as intended. Up to around 200 miles averaging ~9mpg trying to stress the cooling loop in canyons and it just isn't possible. Great success.
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