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Weather warmed up so I started pulling cars out of storage. Subaru naturally has another oil leak, so that'll be fun to trace. The 135i is almost completed, the Subaru will be getting an exterior and interior restore this year as I decided to keep it. It was my first car, it's got a lot of nostalgia associated with it

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M4GTS got a bath for the first time in a year after checking the knuckles + wheel bearings, replacing the pads front/rear, bleeding the brakes, checking the rotors, and eyeballing all of the eccentrics. Loaded it into the trailer, have 40 gallons of gas and 8 gallons of distilled water sitting in the storage unit with the Subaru. We're bound for the track on Wednesday for a semi-private test and tune, we'll drive until we cord the Toyo RRs, hoping for maybe 6-8 sessions 30 minute sessions.

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I didn't take photos, but the PPF along the last 12" of the side skirt is incredibly beat up from rocks. Nothing has penetrated the XPEL PPF, but I'm going to see about having something thicker applied as the cumulative damage is beyond what the film can self-heal. Oddly enough the rear quarter PPF in front of the rear tire just has a few scratches from rocks, I thought it would catch more.

Additionally the rear tires are chucking rocks at rear bumper cover that trails the rear tires. This isn't surprising, but the damage is less severe than the side skirt. In general the PPF is doing its job of protecting the paint. The nose/hood of the car is absolutely covered in rubber and minor abrasions, and the windshield has several starburst in it. I do not regret the cost of the PPF install after really looking things over. Highly recommend if you have a frozen/matte GTS and plan on tracking it extensively.

edit: still running the mismatched color 18x11 EC-7. Have another 4 on order, Apex has been backlogged real bad. I don't particularly care about the color, I just need more wheels to have more rubber available.
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