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Originally Posted by fiveohwblow View Post
What is the trade off from the nt01 to the rt660?
Admittedly haven't seen a ton about the 660 regarding longevity, but assuming a close 71R clone, it's that the NT-01 seems to have more consistent group through its life, with less of a time differential on early vs late heat cycles. But other tires (perhaps 71R and similar) may offer better peak grip over a narrower window -- people will debate if that difference in peak grip is sufficient, of course. And obviously depending on how much you abuse the tire beyond its capabilities will influence these things as well.

But I did four 6-session events last year, along with additional 4-6 sessions on NT-01, and I'll be using the same set of tires on my first event in a few days. Will be curious to see my times, and will be confounded by fact I upgraded suspension. But if I can equal or beat my times from end of last year, it'll be hard not to appreciate the value of the tire in that respect
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