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Originally Posted by Dubso View Post
Kinda translation. feel free to correct anything I messed up

(57)summary: turbo alignment (1) for the combustion engine (2) with several cylinders (Z),that are exhaustsided(?) with at least one of the first or a second cylinder group (2a,2b) added toghether are, where the first cylinder group (2a) a first and a second cylinder group (2b) a second exhaust pipe (3a,3b) added in exhaust flow direction with a first turbine housing (4a) a first exhaust turbocharger (4) exhaust flow connected with a second turbine housing (5a) a second exhaust turbo (5) over a first stop(delay)organ(valve?) (6) exhaust flow connected, whereas the first and second exhaust(?) (3a,3b) in exhaust flow direction of the second exhaust turbo (5) in a connected exhaust portion (7) goes into, the second turbine housing (5a) goes into. Because of this inventiveness, the response is greater and engine usage is broadend.
Looks to me that they're describing a system in which all cylinders of each bank feed a single turbo. This turbo then feeds either A) output or B) a second turbo, depending on a (probably) ECU-actuated valve. So, hypothetically, you have a small turbo quickly spooling at the low-end. Then, at near-max spool, feeding a larger turbo. So rather than always feeding one turbo into the other, you bypass one for low-end torque and avoid lag.

Ref leaders 6, 7, 8, 9 - bypass the secondary turbo and 19, 20 - input from primary turbo into secondary turbo.

But that's just a bored engineer's lunch-break guess, don't sue me

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