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Originally Posted by John_01 View Post
V6 engine for the M3 is the worst idea I ever heard (that is, after RFT tires and electric power steering). Its simply an inferior layout from a balance point of view. I'd much prefer to see an inline-6 engine being used. That is the best way to make a smooth engine with a nice exhaust sound. V6 engines generally don't sound the best.

If not an inline-6, they should simply drop in the turbo V8 from the M5 - End of topic!
For what itís worth, I am with you on this. One upside to a V6 configuration is that the inherent V design offers the mechanical capacity to achieve a higher rev limit. I hope BMW makes use of this. It would be awesome if they can rev it out to 8000+ rpm.

I'll miss the noise of the I6 thoÖ
BMW don't screw up the M3. K