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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
My alarm clock wakes up aroubd 4.30 am.

" How do the scientists determine the atomic weight of something? How does an atomic watch change the every day Life? Remember when we calculated he w many eyeballs every Napoleon's soldier got to eat? That was so cool, but that anglo dude had written something really weird, so can we please talk about prisons? Hey Mom, Google says..."

Your assessment is correct.

Actually, those are cost efficient way for women to handle their menstrual cycle and they tend to cause less yast infections than other means of not bleeding all over yourself.

It's a medical divice, not a joke.

and could you imagine getting into a heated argument with a woman when out of no where she pulls this thing out and flings it at walking around like you got a corn on the cobb up your pooper "I can't feel a thing it's great guys!" lol

I'm a child...34 yr old child