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Originally Posted by jxc888 View Post
@[nars3000] itís a 2016 M4�� fml ive Been going nuts and canít think straight the whole day.. still debating on what to do. Saw hella ppl pass me today since it was a Sunday it sucks but trying to hold it all together.. Maximum psi is one option that Iíve read that has absolution to this. I donít believe the motor is shot either itís impossible that it is. I was actually already decelerating when this happened. Iím going to take a 2day vacation and hopefully have a solution of this madness when I get back. The road to 6ís are shattered for now. But I have hope. I was .26 away to hitting 6ís and that was with lifting the pedal too at The end coz I saw the lump on the road and kinda knew the rear would lift thatís why I let off but this happened. Should have I kept pressing the gas? I have no idea.. my instinct was not to swerve and just let off and glide through. Bad times indeed. Car is still under warranty got 38k on the dash. Thinking of the next move..
damnit man, remove tune and take it in under warranty.... how much hp and for how long,,, miles wise?? e-85?