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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
The people who want an s65 type engine in their new M3, have really lost touched with reality.

First, why even wish for an outgoing (outdated) engine in a new car(?), and why would bi-turbo'ing it, even matter..? Then it would have 600HP and who really cares about horsepower..?

If u take the WEIGHT of the next M3, u want enough HP to accelerate THAT vehicle... and you design the engine (& car) around your new metric. How can anyone ignorantly claim (even jokeningly) that a 8 cylindar is wanted, needed, or even logical..?

Hint: The 1M has a 3.0 engine @ 400hp/400lb-ft of torque (tweaked)...

Since BMW is shopping 450hp, then u have to base ANY & ALL thoughts with this logic & reasoning in mind. Otherwise, it isn't even an educated want/opinion, it just blabbering.

The new engine will be close to a 3.5 liter, turbocharcged 6 cylindar. In-line, V or Boxed... The configuration of the cylindars is all we are discussing here, plus the virtues of each design.

Again, we all know it is going to be turbo'ed (bi, or tri..), so can we please stop with the overly ignorant banter and be a tad bit more germane? This board is starting to sound like girly talk, instead of BMW talk.

In-the-end, it really doesn't matter what design BMW chooses, just as long as the metrics are there & the drivertrain is good. Plus, how many people even understand the technology in their s65, or s63..? Let alone tri-turbo..

Coincidentally, how many people have driven a 1M coupe, & suggested the car is ruined by the engine?
Clearly you are as out of touch with reality as the people you accuse. If you knew anything about the bmw's inline six engines, there is no way its going to be 3.5 or 4 L. That would take an entirely new inline engine build as the n54 is out of space to bore it out any more and you cannot stroke it that much if you want to have any type of relatively high revs.

They are not going to design a dedicated inline 6 just for the m3. They likely will use a V6 as this would not require a totally new design as its based off the M5 V8.

The only engine I would be disapointed in is a version of any existing engine in tweaked form, such as the 1m. I have no clue how people want a 1m knowing its a 335/135 engine. Half the fun of driving the m3 is knowing you have a 1 of a kind engine, that no other car model has. It has unique sound, feeling etc. It may not always be the fastest or most efficient but it is special and feel is what m owners strive for. As long as its a unique m3 engine I do not care. M3 owners need to feel they have some special technology and I just like to see M push the limits on technology, but whatever form it takes is fine by me, so long as its at the edge of that type of technology