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Amazing Pictures

We walked around Marienplatz and I wasted the better part of my first day trying to get an Ortel sim card to work. I finally did and part of the reason for the trouble was the cashier who rung me up didnít activate the sim cards. Click the following link if you want more details about the sim card
Ortel sim card
I have 2 of my old unlocked iphones that I plan to carry and just slap on local SIM cards when I get there. Seems easier that way. What do you think?

Paperwork was a breeze and my rep did give the obligatory ďdonít drive into LiechtensteinĒ speech.
Care to elaborate? Not familiar with this

We walked down to the car and went through the cars features. It was stressed that the European map usb stick COULD be removed and replaced whenever I wanted. You only have to make sure you donít have a BMW tech enter the code it requests when the stick is out. Also I made the mistake of bringing music on an iPod. What I didnít know is the iPod will not transfer music to the BMW HDD. I should have brought the music on a USB stick.
Does send map from google to the car not work?

After some pictures and my son hijacking an i8 next to us, it was time to take the victory lap. One thing I planned to do was take that lap in sport +. No way was I going to use the wimpy efficiency exhaust note.
Am wondering if that would be advisable in the Manual considering how sensitive the throttle gets

Also for those worried about vignettes, donít. It was so easy. All I did was drive into the last gas station before the border and buy one. Thatís it. No muss, no fuss.
I am afraid I might miss the last gas station. Always a possibility. Is the Vignette a single standard price or is it based on number of days, etc.? Is a separate Vignette required in Switzerland as well?

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