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Originally Posted by Dave 90TT View Post
This. Also, it would require some custom placing/building of where the amps will go. Probably not within the skill range for someone who was able to install the BavSound speaker, but that was the limit of their car audio skills.

Honestly, guys, the most bang for your buck route to get better audio from the HK system, is by doing the BavSound Stage 1 for the speakers, doing an underseat replacement of the mid-woofers (either Bavsound, Jehnert, or Gladen, all of which are relatively plug and play) and doing the MusiccarNW add-a-sub, which adds a 10" sub to the trunk and depending on the options you choose, uses the HK amp outs to send a signal to an amp which can power your sub, and if you choose this option, power the mid-woofers under the seat.

I'm no audiophile, but I have done personal custom installs on cars I have owned, including very high-end bi-amping mids and tweeters and fiddling with DSPs to create the perfect sound stage. By doing all the above (what I said in the long paragraph with the BavSound speakers and such), you get a very nice sounding system, and I don't think you are going to get anything better without spending lots of time and money, and definitely not a very good return on your dollar (in other words, very little bang for your buck) You can certainly spend another 5-10k on a setup that Nelson from Bimmertech linked to in another post, but again, unless you have very finely tuned ears, you won't notice a difference between what I did, and what that setup in the linked post has.

As an aside, thanks for the info regarding the second option in the original post, I didn't know you could code it to believe it is a hifi system vs an HK system. Makes sense, though. In fact, the original post has a lot of good info, thanks for putting it together.

Also, here's a link to my MusicCarNW Add-A-Sub install, contains some info that people might find useful.
Dave - your post was one of great interest in my research. Thanks for the kind words - putting this together was fun. And your point about bang for the buck is exactly what I am weighing - given that I am at 80ish percent of damn good how much am I willing to spend in pursuit of that last 10-20 percent. Am I willing to give up trunk space to get it? Etc.

I had one question but since it was an old thread I didn't ask it - I was dying to ask. Now I will! Why didn't you/musicarnw pick off the underseat sub signal straight from the amp instead of wiring from the underseat subs back to the trunk and from the trunk back to the subs?
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