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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I guess you have not read what I wrote , moment here has nothing to do with the notion of time...

To be more precise, power is force applied on a distance over time; or in the polar referential: torque applied [
it's an appropriate and fairly accurate analogy lol

because 'moment' is defined as

A very brief period of time.
An exact point in time.

so a moment of a force is a force is called such, as much as it's simply a specific name for a specific type of force... because it is without time

it's called these things for a reason.

"In mathematics, a moment is, loosely speaking, a quantitative measure of the shape of a set of points"

which basically sums up what i'm saying. a set of points without time.

torque in a car is indeed a rotating force... but it's a rotating force POTENTIAL (ie not moving), where power is converted to take into how much torque is applied per amount of time.

Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
The graph I posted shows wheel torque (flywheel torque multiplied by the gear ratios) vs road speed for each gear (I should have included a legend, my bad). When the line of a gear crosses the line of the next gear, it is the optimal shift point. If the lines do not cross, it implies a shift at redline. Since some of the lines do cross, it means that those gears need to be shifted before redline. If you want the RPM shift points, you need to back calculate the RPM based on the road speed.

For the 1M, this means
1-2 68 km/h -> 7000 RPM
2-3 121 km/h -> 7000 RPM
3-4 173 km/h -> 6700 RPM
4-5 221 km/h -> 6525 RPM
5-6 259 km/h -> 6475 RPM

This is the power curve I used:
yeah i figured that's the deal for shift points

and yeah that sounds about right haha

i worked it out a while ago for a 6MT 135/335i gear ratios that was fairly modified, and it was shifted a BIT higher than that list at the bottom (something like 6850 in 3-4 from memory), but yeah pretty much the same thing
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