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Originally Posted by PvsNP View Post

You think your M4 will weigh 3275 lbs? Where did you get that figure? It's going to be 3583 lbs. 1M weighs around 3200 lbs. There is over 350 lbs of difference between the two cars and you expect the 350 lbs heavier 125 hp more powerful car to get better mileage?.

curb weight for the 1M is 3296lbs or 1495kg per BMW, and weighed in at 3340-3360 in multiple tests.

according to BMW, the m4 weighs ~3300 lbs, with the curb weight at 1495 kg, as was the 1m. they have the exact same curb weight per BMW.

the m3 in comparison, is listed at 1520 kg which is 3351 lbs.

3351 - 3296 = 55 lbs

no idea where you are getting your numbers from. I also don't know where I said it would get better mileage. I said it would get slightly worse mileage than the 1m, and notably better than the current m3.
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