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Originally Posted by AhsanU View Post
I don't even know what to say to such an asinine thing. I guess every person has their opinion. And I should point out 3-4 people =/= many. I've never heard a simple person claim the E46 M3 exhaust note sucked. You, are a first.
OK, first of all, I have close experience with the sound of E46 M3's, in anger, from the outside, no less. I used to be pretty active in autox in '03-'05 and worked the cones like everyone else and had M3's go past pretty close by with the engines revving pretty high. Autox also made it pretty obvious that the cab is an absolute fat pig (as is the E93 M3), but that's another story.

When I say many, I mean over a dozen BMW fans enthusiastic enough to go out and autocross their cars. Even a couple of M3 owners disliked the rattling sound of their own, shiny, new M3. That's not to say the engine didn't perform very well.

I also know a couple of dozen long-time BMW guys from BMW forums who feel the same way. And I should add that a many of them owned the car, and in fact one who owned one new recently bought one again used because he likes the car - but still thinks it sounds terrible.

You guys can say what you want. I am not making this stuff up. In fact, the comments have been so consistent over a decade and from virtually everyone I know, that I thought it was a pretty solid concensus. I am frankly shocked to hear you guys seem suprised or offended.

To each his own. I can sit here and tell you and can be backed up by many who owned both, that I will take a 987S over any BMW M3 and not think about twice. And I did. I passed on buying an M3 and got Boxster S three years ago. I am sure many will disagree. And let me tell you, I LOVE BMW's.