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Base audio system same as F3X?

Trying to decide whether to upgrade to the HK or not. I know there are several threads about this already, and everyone has their own opinion regarding the quality of prior M car base and upgraded systems. But really something like this is really subjective. Its like headphones. One guy will swear by Bose and another by Beats. Meanwhile I think both brands make overpriced highly marketed pieces of crap. I'd take that same money and put them towards Etmyotics, Shures, Sennheisers, or Grados. But I know it all depends on each individual's music choices and sound preferences.

But in this case its kinda hard to decide without actually having a F8X car around to listen to. I'm also guessing the precious few demo cars coming in the next few months will probably have the HK upgrade installed.
Do you guys think listening to a F3X with the base audio system would be a fair way to judge what to expect from the F8X?