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Crazy to think that this cost 30k to repair. Fact is that it looks pretty flawless afterwards so I bet someone who buys it won't even know it was in an accident if they don't check the carfax. Does it even show up on carfax this early?
I didn’t take pics during the tear down but it was impressive. They had to take a saw and cut the whole left rear quarter panel off which went all the way to the B pillar. The frame was pretty damaged and all of the panel gaps were off. The damage was a lot worse than the initial photos above would suggest.

All I can say is THANK GOD I leased it. Imagine if I owned it. I’d be stuck with a beautiful but worthless M3. The resale value would be terrible. I leased my GT-R and then bought the car when the lease ended. If this happened to the GT-R, I would have been crying.

So yeah, I would say that a huge advantage of leasing, aside from writing it off as a business expense, is that if the car gets damaged, you can just turn it in and walk away.
I am currently going through the same thing. My M3 was rear ended. It is approaching two months now and I still don't have it back from Rallye Collision. The car was only 10 months old with 7k miles on it when I got into the accident. I have it for another two years. I would like to keep it but will see how it looks and drives once I get it back. 😩
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