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Originally Posted by Brasko View Post
They should revoke her driver's license permanently. She should not be on the roadway.
I cannot wait until fully autonomous cars arrive. A lot of these idiots should not have the privilege to drive on public roads, and they honestly don't have any interest in driving (it's an inconvenience for them).

In OC, CA, here's the idiot car list to watch out for:

- Toyota Prius
- Older Toyota Prius (even worse than the newer ones)
- Lexus RX300/330/350/Hybrid
- Toyota, Honda, KIA Minivans
- New Honda Civic, KIA, Hyundai, small Jeep (or any $159 lease special)
- VW Jetta
- Non-modified Subaru's
- Modified Jeeps
- Any Tesla Cult Member (major talegate, and cut people off aggressively, yet they think others dislike them because they're driving an EV - not because they drive like deusche bags). Caveat: Not all Tesla owners behave like this, some genuinely want a nice EV to drive, and don't have a chip on their shoulder.
- Big trucks (if Diesel, add extra ahole points)

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