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Originally Posted by left123 View Post
Well, unfortunately, after just watching the newest videos posted here (the ones of the m3/m4 individually on the track), the sound of each car on this official video is really very lackluster. Almost appliance-esque. I love the straight 6 and am glad they went back to it, but this sounds like crap to me. I know the aftermarket can fix it (most likely) but we shouldn't have to go to it for a reasonable sound.

The sound of a car is one of the more emotional components of it. Don't downplay this. The v8 e9x M3 definitely has it acoustically. The rest will be decided later, but its not always about pure speed, at least 95% of the time.
I agree that the sound is part of the emotional components of the car. But the e92 M2 V8 was hardly a sexy V8 sound. To me, the best sounding V8's currently are the baritone 6.4L V8 found in SRTs. Alternatively, the C7 has a more masculine V8 sound. All that said, the e92 does sound better than the new M3/M4 exhaust note, which does sound like a fart-box, as others have stated on this forum.