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Originally Posted by fsa0610 View Post
Why we never can get what we deserve with an OEM car. Why this engine downsizing, M lovers and supercar lovers never will be concerned about fuel economy. Of course this car is not the same league with a supercar but i will love if this new M4 will be launched with a V8 Supercharged, in resume the perfect car will be merging this beatiful new M4 chassis and looks with M6 engine. I know youŽre gonna say what about the price but it doesnŽt matter, why I have to look for a ESS S/C, new brakes, Eisenmann Race exhaust and a lot of aftermarket stuff to have what I and you deserve a furious 720HP M3. WeŽll have to do the same with the new M4 if we wanŽt to be in the league we deserve and not be shame changing from an Aston DBS or Ferrari 458, but not for the looks but of the power we need to feel.
Weight is the issue this time around.
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