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Originally Posted by PvsNP View Post
You are not going to get 23mpg in city with this car.

If you read the F30 forums, even the current 335, which produces 125hp less and is a much more efficient car, gives numbers like 14-16 mpg in city when driven hard, and about 18-19 mpg if you drive it normal. I don't expect the F80 to have a massive mpg improvement (forget the EPA numbers) for the majority of people because it's all about the way you drive.

The difference will come in highway driving, or it will be more apparent, in that you'll most likely see 27-28 mpg vs 23 you were able to get in the current generation.

Even if you were to drive like an 80 year old lady in eco pro mode I don't think you will get over 18-19 mpg in city. 23 is just dreaming in my opinion. My friend who has a 528 does not get 23 in city let me just say that.
no way

I had an n54 and n55 car in my past, and both got closer to 25 mpg average.

my m3 in comparison has absolutely terrible gas mileage and its getting very annoying at this point.

I expect the m3 to average around 22 in mixed driving, clearly dependent on how much you get on the boost.
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