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Originally Posted by swamp2
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A turbo for ever 2 cylinders.... massive potential... but complex... I can't wait to see the schematics on this engine (if it's true). I'm still more interested in the M2 when it comes out, but this thing is going to be lovely I'm sure.... Minus the electric steering, unless they've solved the feel problem like Porsche did with the new GT3. Time will tell...
The patent (non production) for a triple turbo BMW has filed (patent details) is not 1 turbo for each of 3 groups of 2 cylinders. It is a conventional twin turbo with the third providing reduction in turbo lag.
I remember seeing the patent drawing a while back and if I remember correctly the third turbo may not be a turbo at all but an electric motor used to spool up the turbos. Once they are spooled to speed the electric motor is disconnected from the turbos via electromagnetic clutches.

This system would allow the usage of bigger turbos which wouldn't run out of breath at higher RPMs, (remember "near 8000 rpm") and also reduce, (possibly eliminate) turbo lag.

I said it before and I'll say it again, I think we are going to see something new !
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