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Originally Posted by A418t81 View Post
If anything, I'd say that your idea that it isn't in cold-start mode is more closely related to speculation than what I said. Every turbo 6 BMW sounds like this on cold start regardless of number of turbos (N54/N55) and frankly I'd say the N55 actually sounds a little more like a tractor on cold start than the N54.

Different turbos has nothing to do with fact, the larger turbos on the M3 would actually make it louder as the smaller turbine wheels and housings on the lesser engines help muffler it more. Same thing with the exhaust. It is lower restriction and louder...again which makes it very gravel-y sounding on cold-start.

Reasons it is almost certainly in cold start:
1. Condensation is coming out of the exhaust when he revs a little. Only happens with a cold exhaust system and cold motor. Plus he is indoors and it wouldn't be prudent to let it idle until it warmed up.
2. Sounds exactly like cold start on an N54/N55 when it drops back to idle.
3. BMW has stated they are trying to make the M motors closer to regular production motors for economy of scale. This cold start routine works well and has been implemented across every other turbo 6 in their lineup.
And turbo 4 for that matter. My car sounds like a diesel at idle, but even more so when it is in cold start mode. My buddy's F30 335i sounds obnoxious at cold start, but it is sexy at normal idle.
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