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Originally Posted by mikelowery View Post
you act like BMW is the only one who makes performance cars.
There are still cars made today that have speed,handling and sound.

like C7 vette. or if you want a 6 cylinder go grab a 911. those cars seem to have very nice exhaust sounds.
Sorry for the delay in response, missed this.

You might be interested to know that I am test driving and evaluating ZL1's and 1LE's as well. Arguably the gen5 Camaro's are more "drivers' cars" then the upcoming M's. They don't have the fit and finish of a BMW of course, but if you value a scruff-of-the-neck experience,... they do have V8's, 6-speeds, recaros, LSD, lower final drive, lift-reducing aero, dual mode exhaust etc. Not to mention HUD, and an infotainment display where it belongs. And they are easily upgradable for power and handling if you feel the need.

I need back seats and a usable trunk. Which is where 'usability' comes in for me. And I'm sure my kids would hate me if went roaring down the street w/out them.
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