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Originally Posted by jpmaze23
I will be passing up on this generation. The problems this car will face will probably be a nightmare since it seems like BMW can't get their act together with turbos. The "LIMP MODE" is just a matter of time, and what will be the cause? who knows, we'll wait and see the threads start popping out of no where for that, and PUMA cases being opened left and right. I had the 2009 E92 M3, and will probably be my last. If I see another M3 in my garage it won't be this new generation, since this is essentially the first turbo M3 generation. I'll definitely go the Z06 route and to the statement above, you're crazy if you think the Z06 optioned up will be around 100k, chevy is not BMW, their options cost a fraction of what these germans charge up for options (yes I'm talking to you BMW,AUDI, PORSCHE, Mercedes). GM is very reasonable on option pricing. Yesterday I was playing on the BMW website and optioned a 435i with everything and it was priced at 63K prior to TT&L and shipping, Kinda dumb! from a base of 48k to 63k,so 15k in options is just straight dumb! . 15k could buy you a decent daily driver. So putting options on an M4 will probably get you close to high around 85k+ if you add options.

The bottom line is the Z06 will have about 640HP and 650lbs tq. The Z06 will most likely be more reliable and easier to work on after warranty or during warranty. If you have an M4 you will rarely find people to work on your car after warranty, so you're stuck with the dealer ( this is from experience when I had my M3)

To each their own, but I'm going to be one of those people that skip out on this generation. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful car, but with this generation it's truly hard to justify the price tag. It makes more sense to throw a few dollars extra for a Z06. By the way the mods on M3's and M4's are ludicrous. I'm talking to you (akropovic, Eisenmann, ESS, IPE, KW, Vorsteiner). Performance brands are much cheaper on non-german cars. I know it's not all about the money when you're talking about cars on this level, but it's one thing when it's reasonable and it's another when it's literal price gauging.

Good luck to you future M3/M4 owners.
Very well said and can appreciate your opinion JPmaze. Having said that I am not an extreme performance or heavy upgrades kind of guy. Outside of some CF pieces and maybe a performance exhaust I am good with the car as is I will keep until the LCI with Comp package is available or about 3 years. Thumps up all around for BMW but I reserve the right to retract the thumb once actual pricing is announced.
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