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Originally Posted by proTUNING Freaks View Post
Of course!

Since 2016 we've never provided an ETA. In fact release notes is exactly what we're writing up right now

You do have a great point for sure. We've always typically released features as we built them. This is the first time we've done a huge number of them and lumped all in one go, hence the wait, no other reason really other than its a really big job and highly time consuming, but in any case:


Number of really great bm3 tuners have been with us testing all the features we've built along the way. When initial demos were shown (flex fuel being the last one Dec 22) they showed the bm3 CustomROM features built and running on a 2016 S55. The DME software here is different enough that we had to also do the work to support 2019+ DME cars as well for all the features. We could've released and supported up to 2019 model year cars but after the holidays we decided to do that as well.

In the process we also acquired a new dev car as well, a 2019 M4 CS, to complete dev and testing for 2019+ software and that has also now been completed rounding off S55 across the board.

As mentioned above, going forward we'll be going back to our regular release schedules as we've always done, shorter releases.

We have some dynos scheduled for tomorrow and we'll be releasing very soon after. Now back to writing up release notes, there's a lot to write about this time!

will this also will come to b58 cars as well ?!!!
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