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Here's my take (whether you want it or not)

1. S65 V8 Biturbo Engine
Believability: 10%

Why? We already have two turbo V8s - the S63 and N63 - so I don't how it will make a good business case to build yet another one.

2. Modified N54 Engine
Believability: 70%

Why? An "S55" would follow on logically just like the N63->S63 evolution. And I personally think 160hp/L will be very feasibly for M division. Granted, there is still a discrepancy as far as the N55 vs. the N54 forming the basis. When it comes down to it, the primary difference is turbo setup and Valvetronic. But those two will be weighed independently by M either way.

3. Modified S63 Engine
Believeability factor: 25%

Why? While this would make a lot more sense than the turbo'd S65 would, I still don't think BMW will go through with it. They need to play up the greener image that people have of engines with lower cylinder count. Make no mistake, they are going to do all they can to tie the Efficient Dynamics story into the M3 as tightly as possible.

4. V6 Engine Based on the S63
Believability factor: < 1%

Why? I just don't think it makes any sense. As I see it, fitment issues with the V8 as far as an X3 M or Z4 M are due to the turbos, intercoolers, plumbing etc, most likely. If you are going to have to move them no matter what the cylinder count, then you could just as easily relocate them for the V8, and not spend all the money developing a V6 block, crank, cams, heads, not to mention testing all that. And for less displacement, no need to lose cylinders - just destroke/debore the V8.