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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Only downside is (and it's a big one): How does BMW make a credible switch to a V6 engine without upsetting BMW fans and owners for abandoning the inline-6 philosophy. Former M CEO Dr. Segler did say that BMW does not subscribe to dogmas, but we're not sure he had this in mind.
Audi recently did the same thing with the S4. Not only did they go from a V8 to a V6 but they left off the turbos from the classic B5 S4 and bolted a supercharger. Yes, there were moans and groans at first but everyone accepted the present engine and moved on. Especially after seeing that a chip can push it to 400hp.

I think BMW should do what's right for the car and not worry about the critics. Just make the thing fly and embarrass the competition and it will be a hit. I have no doubt that it will be fantastic.
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