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For me the only car that has a sporty future is a 1 serie ///M car. Whatever engine they put in the new m3 it will be a smaller M5. If that s youre thing the new M3 will be for you.
I more or less agree. The 1M is going to pick up the torch as far as the entry level M vehicle, and the next one will almost surely trounce the current M3 in performance (the current one is close as it is). So even moving to the 1M from an E9x M3 is going to be an upgrade in straight line performance and acceleration, and handling will probably be much better as well.

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Yes. A little excitement for the board is a good thing.

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How about a twin turbo S54 variant...

A 3.3L turbo could easily put down 450bhp (136bph/L) with some good tuning and a high redline on a good breathing engine.
The big-bore I6 requires the iron block though. You end up killing the weight up front, and you need more power to compensate for that weight to boot. I'd rather just see them detune the 3L aluminum I6 if they had to. But as I said, I don't think they do have to - I think they know exactly how to get big power from this engine. BMW's gonna build themselves their modern day RB26DETT or 2JZ-GTE. You will see.