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Originally Posted by ComboFab View Post
Hi guys,

I've just created my account on this site. I'd like to add the screen mirroring in my 2 BMW (M3 F80 & X1 F48). The option is not present. I already bought this : Vgate ble 4.0 for iOS iPhone iPad/Android (iCar Pro). I also installed bimmercode on my Samsung S9 and tried it. I still have to purchase the full version (not a problem, I'll do it). I hoped to be able to activate the option via Bimmercode but in regular mode, I can't find the option. It may be possible through the EXPERT MODE but I don't know how.

Can someone please help? I'd really love to use the screen mirroring on these 2 vehicles.

PS : Sorry if I make a mistake by posting it here. I'm a new user. If it's the case, please let me know how and where to post it.

Thank you everybody.
Just for info, I tried to PM Kubax86 but it seams I can't for now because I'm still a new user. Waiting for proflie upgrade...