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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I read a lot of people bickering about what the badge will say (and I've certainly added my voice to those calls in the past), but no one seems to mind the real, physical implication of all of this: the inevitable increase in price that the F32 and F82 will get over the F30 and F80.
True, although, as I am sure you know, it is been this way from the very beginning; each successive generation comes with a substantial price increase over the outgoing model. Of course, this happens with all cars - not just BMWs, not just Ms, not just M3s. Having said that, we have seen recently with the F10 5 series that sometimes that trend gets bucked. The new 3 series also sees only a very small increase from the E90, though the new "lines" and the fact that you cannot get a base car with a lot of the options they include make that something of a technicality.

One of the primary motivating factors for BMW to split up the 3-series into two separate models is to insert a little market segmentation into the mix. It's not the introduction of the M Performance models that make the M4 less attainable -- it's the introduction of what is intended to be perceived as an upmarket model. After all, everyone knows that 4 is more than 3, right?
I completely agree, aa. At the same time, they are only doing what Mercedes has done long ago (though they now appear to be reverting), and Audi has done more recently.

The M Performance models simply become the consolation prize for those that could have made their finances work for a previous generation M car, but now have to settle for something they can afford given that the market segment they used to be in has moved up a notch or two.
I somewhat agree, but at the same time I would say that anyone who is planning ahead for a next generation car - whatever car - should figure 10% to 15% more than today's price to be safe. It's just good sense.