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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
Seriously? If the successor to the E92 M3 is outstanding in all avenues of performance, but is renamed to "M4", you would no longer consider it due to the name alone?
Damn right I wont consider it! Ive dreamed of owning an "M3 coupe" all my life even though there are better cars out there in my budgeted price bracket. So yes, I want the M3 partly because of the performance, but also because it is a part of automotive history. My plan is to keep the M3 as a hobby car long-term and change my second car every few years, so yeah the car I want to keep long term has to have some historic significance behind it and the M4 just wont. I frankly dont care about what other car guys or non-car guys think about my car...but "I" wouldnt think much of a BMW M4 compared to an M3 and that does matter.

Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I understand the heritage of the M3 name and how the designations for M cars are derived, but I also understand why BMW would like to differentiate the moniker between 4 door and 2 door models.
Other than to up the price of the much-desired mid-size coupe M car (as Audi has successfully proven), I dont understand the need to differentiate. Any other reasons?