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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
The gap in MSRP between the A4 and A5 is around 17% for similar low-end models and up to 28% for similar high-end models, not far off from the 30% difference between the F10M and F12M. I think we're in for a rude surprise when the F32 and F82 pricing gets announced...
Around 17% sounds right to me. I will be very surprised if they go over a 20% difference for equivalently spec'd cars. I also highly doubt that the M4 will MSRP above $80k base price. So if we assume that is true then if we also figure that the new M3 only costs a little more than the outgoing one, that doesn't leave much room. If the sedan is, say $65k starting, that would put the coupe at around $75k. And even that seems fairly steep for an M4 especially when options will put it at $85k or even $90k. We are then getting into 911 territory, and although that's for a no-option base model with 350hp, the car is pretty darn quick.

(BTW F12 is the convertible, F13 is the coupe. It seems backwards, but that's how they did it this time around. )