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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
Look at it this way, go into your garage, look at your E92 and know that you will own the LAST M3 coupe.
It might make it that much more special
I'm looking forward to the new M4 coupe. I will add it to my garage (and keep my current M3), if it looks and performs like the latest render and rumors suggest.
I think BMW are using the number designation below their rivals AUDI?
Audi A4 (sedan)= BMW 3 series (sedan)
Audi S4 (performance sedan) = BMW M3 (performance sedan)
Audi A5 (coupe) = BMW 4 series (coupe)
Audi RS5 (performance coupe) = BMW M4 (performance coupe)
This may be why the change is necessary
It would be easy for people to say that if he/she can add or change car easier. There are fan boys like me that grow up with this series. The 3er/M3 is the most beautiful and comprehensive series with rich legacy that can fulfill people like me the dream and prides at different stages. I started with 325ic when I cannot afford the M3. Later moved to 3 series Sedan with kid and now my son became bigger, I got approval to have a M3 Coupe… Because of this heritage, my wife is driving X3 and my son is a BMW lover and will certainly become a BMW customer in the future. This is the way how BMW expand their customer base but not the Corporates greed suggested by some people that the M4 will generate more margins.

Frankly, the ///M badge and M division became so popular and successful is because of the M3 legacy. If they segregate M3 into M3 and M4, it will dilute the brand equity and the M will not be the most powerful letter anymore.

It is insane that BMW is following its competitor’s number strategy and bound themselves the models and styles design by a number system. No wonder Audi has suppressed BMW and Mercedes and is viewed as a more innovative company here in Germany.

I am not against a M4 to exist, BMW should make use of the 4 product line to fill the product gap that they do not have when compare to competitors such as the Audi R8.