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bottom line is you have to reinstall factory downpipes or weld in HiFlow cats into your catless downpipes in order to pass emissions (in map 0 or with the jb4 unplugged) in most states. This is a fact.

After welding in HFC's, they would also have to be at least 400 cel cats along w/ 02 sensor spacer(s) (probably post cat) in order to trick the exhaust stream readings by the ECU. again the emission test would have to be in map 0 or totally disabled.

JB4 combos that run catless will never be in a factory ready state because they are constantly running loop code that will not allow the readiness codes to complete their cycle. that is why you have no cel with downpipes. Essentially the car will never be in a factory "ready state". Even w/o JB4 if you are catless, you will most likely not pass in many states. check you local emission testing laws.