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Think your numbers are great guesses (just clicked the link after my post, so apologize for repetitiveness). Guess where we differ is whether constitutes a leap; at least in my view, would view as more incremental vs what happened with the E46 vs E99x, which I would characterize more as a leap. Thx for sharing.

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Those are somewhat imprecise terms. The peformance of the call over the existing model will be substantial due to its weight being about the same or a bit less with a lot more power. Have a look here are my "ancient" predictions of the cars performance. Link.

A DCT is good for an amazing amount of "equivalent power". Probably at least 50 or so hp. The equivalent power simply comes from nearly instant shifts (not from any ratio magic or lower losses, etc.). Thus the race of an E60 M5 with M-DCT compared to an F10 M5 with a manual transmission could indeed be a close race. However, DCT vs. DCT would still have the F10 as the hands down winner.

I firmly disagree with this. More marketing mumbo jumbo...

Just like the highly functional side vents on the E9X M3. Just like the highly aerodynamic rear bumper cover styling on the E9X M3. Just like the Powerdome (or whatever BMW like to call it) on the E9X M3. There is plenty of function over form at BMW and that is good, however, there is plenty of form over function and when it comes specifically to body styling form rules over function.