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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
guesses or educated guesses, to the nearest decimal point, whatever...power and weight are assumptions nevertheless. funny how one can reach the same conclusions (before I clicked on your link) just by looking at performance of what's already out there (M5 and M3 DTM CRT) and connect dots quickly with logic and minimal effort or intellectual snobbery.
There is nothing wrong with guesses based on trending and market forces. It is quite valid and is generally somewhat accurate. That being said it has serious limitations and there is nothing physical about it. Once you know power and weight you know pretty much everything you need to get a wide range of quite accurate performance figures. I know I and this community are interested in those. I enjoy the application of basic physics to the world of the gear head since it is filled with so much imprecision, smoke blowing and down right factually incorrect beliefs. Furthermore my figures are bracketed, based on the small bit of imprecision in the power and weight figures we have. That is also another benefit of a rigorous approach.

I think you have overstepped quite a bit calling such activity intellectual snobbery. Maybe the foundations of science with Kepler and Keplers laws finally overturning centuries of a false geocentric world view was also intellectual snobbery? Or perhaps it was one of the most important advances in science and the scientific method.
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