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Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
Most Porsche people who track pull the rotors off, put them on a shelf, install steel and reinstall when it's time to sell. PCCB's wear as fast as steel on the track, not worth it. I have them on a GT3RS, tracked it once with ceramics and then replaced with steel.

One errant rock chip on ceramics and they're done, drop your wheel on the edge of the rotor, whatever...too fragile for real trackjunkies.
I am going with the CCB's as it will be the same money (or there about) as going with an aftermarket BBK.I have clients that have a 996 GT3 with CCB 's on it and they have not had any issues with the discs and they have tracked the car a lot.They have done pads twice on it.Considering that I need to do front rotor rings every 10-12 days I think the CCB's might be the way to go in the long run.The newer Porsche CCB's do not have the problems that the early CCB's did on their cars from what we have seen.Yes you need to handle them carefully compared to a steel disc.