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Originally Posted by JoshuaKM View Post

A couple of questions...

1. Do you think it's "worth it" to upgrade the leather to the full leather interior and the wheels to the 19 inch rims? I left the 19s out of this build but I would consider adding them if they significantly improve the vehicle's appearance.
2. Do the side and top cameras reduce the risk of curbing the vehicle or should I remove them from the build?
3. Any other options that y'all think would be worthwhile... the sunshade (I live in South Carolina), etc?


First off, congrats on your build! I think all of these are subjective, but I'll attempt to help.

1. I personally don't think it's worth it to have full leather. It looks super sweet and the stitching is a really nice detail piece but at that cost, there was no way I could validate that. That money could be much better spent elsewhere.
I think the 18s look nice on this car, but the Silver 19s would probably make your specific build "pop" more. It will look nice. If you plan on getting aftermarket wheels though, dont waste the money on the 19s.
2. I had a discussion with a few people regarding the cameras. General consensus is that they are worthwhile if you are doing any of the following:
-pulling out of blind driveways
-driving anywhere often where your side view is obstructed (street corners with bushes, parallel parked cars, etc.)
-in bigger cars like the 5 series
-parking in tight spots
If those don't often apply to you, it may not be worth it-just a nice-to-have
-Sunshade would be useful if you are parking your car outside in that SC sun for extended periods of time, but otherwise, I don't feel it's worth it.
-If you stream music over bluetooth or use your phone often in the car, the enhanced usb/smartphone option may be a god option for you for ease of use
-Last, LED lights may not provide some HUGE difference, but it's definitely noticeable and they look super nice (unless you don't care about those either).

Regardless, best of luck! Congrats!
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