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Hauling down my 997.2 Turbo S from 170 mph to 40 mph in a blink over and over on a 100+ deg track day was impressive. Not sure my StopTechs in my M3 would have been capable. But then again no BMW could have hit 170 on the straight. Nothing is worth more than the best tires and braking on a track.
sounds like california speedway on just about any day other than dec/jan. i had stoptechs on my e46 m3 back in the day. they are shit brakes as far as pedal response but they slowed the car just fine consistently. another misnomer is the ceramic brakes will improve braking performance over an equivalent steel rotor multi-piston brake (shortening stopping distance such as this poster claims). they don't.

even the case with the F8X where the pads are larger than steels on ceramic and you have 6/4 pistons versus 4/2. the coefficient of friction provided by them is engineered to be the same. any time you engage the brakes to the point abs intervenes you already exerted 100% of the available stopping force required to stop the wheel from moving. the tires are doing the work of actually slowing the car down and their composition along with the road conditions are what limits their effect. i would take a better tire that last longer any day over a brake pad with a higher coeffecient of friction.
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