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The LCI OEM documentation stated the 5-bolt change as part of the chassis changes to improve steering feel and suspension tuning. These changes started with late MY2015 F3x and F8x production.

Both steering gears show the clunk, some without suspension mods, most with the mods. You have quite eliminated all possible causes of this clink -except the steering rack. And that’s the part that BMW replaces when everything else fails to eliminate this noise - but only when the suspension is OEM. My brother’s 17 M3 has this clunk with Eibach V2, my 18 M3 with Eibach V1 does not. We are going to try the steering rack adjustment once we get the tool.

Most probably you have been the only person outside BMW that have gone this far in finding the root cause of this problem, and for that thank you very much.

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The only reason the 5 bolt mount would increase steering feel is if there was too much compliance in the joint. Which is exactly the same thing that would cause this clunk noise.

The F3X and F8X gears are completely different, made by different suppliers. I haven't seen any actual evidence that the noise is coming from the steering gear on the F8X, and plenty of evidence indicates that this is the problem (on my car at least).