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If you are picky, my $0.02 go enclosed with a carrier that has a reputation for handling exotics

several years ago, I shipped by WRX cross country on a random open trailer with a bunch of accords and camry's and it came back with a scratch down the length of the roof and clutch judder that wasn't there before. complete sh1t show that wasted a lot of my time. I couldn't take them to small claims court either since they were based in a different area than i lived in.

In the end, I just buffed the car, replaced the clutch, and ignored it, so you could argue that it wasn't a big deal, but I have some OCD when it comes to my vehicles and it did bother me

Shortly there after, I shipped my sport bike in an enclosed trailer, and it was put in between a vintage viper and cobra and the bike was in exactly the same condition as when I shipped it. (1/2 the cost of the car shipment, despite taking up 1/5 of the space, so it was a lot costlier service)

Look around the vintage clubs and go with those recommendations. Don't skimp out and get the lowest cost provider