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Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
If you are picky, my $0.02 go enclosed with a carrier that has a reputation for handling exotics

several years ago, I shipped by WRX cross country on a random open trailer with a bunch of accords and camry's and it came back with a scratch down the length of the roof and clutch judder that wasn't there before. complete sh1t show that wasted a lot of my time. I couldn't take them to small claims court either since they were based in a different area than i lived in.

In the end, I just buffed the car, replaced the clutch, and ignored it, so you could argue that it wasn't a big deal, but I have some OCD when it comes to my vehicles and it did bother me

Shortly there after, I shipped my sport bike in an enclosed trailer, and it was put in between a vintage viper and cobra and the bike was in exactly the same condition as when I shipped it. (1/2 the cost of the car shipment, despite taking up 1/5 of the space, so it was a lot costlier service)

Look around the vintage clubs and go with those recommendations. Don't skimp out and get the lowest cost provider
Thanks man. There are some car transporting threads here and I called all the companies/brokers that came highly recommended in that thread.

So, I think I'm dealing with reputable people who have service the M3/M4 community in the past and left customers happy.
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