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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Okay, there is no other transcript of the call. It's not a rough transcript. You can read on the first page the explanatory note regarding level of content and detail that the live transcription of the call has. It has been explained on non-MSM media as to how international presidential phone calls are handled and memorialized for the official White House record. Also as explained in non-MSM media, there are multiple participants and witnesses to the call, several who are part of the Executive Branch National Security Council and have responsibility for transcribing the conversation of the phone call.

Anyone who can testify to the content of the call are going to refer to the transcript because it is the official record of the call and the purpose of the transcription process.

The White House release of the transcript of the July 25th call IS being transparent.
There is a real transcript but its classified as doubletop secret-I wonder why? Wouldn't ya just love to see the content-why was it declared top secret?

I think you know.